How to replace Paragraph Break with Line Break in LibreOffice Writer

By Abhineet Mittal | Productivity
Updated on: April 30, 2020

In Microsoft Word, this is very easy. You just need to open “Find and Replace”, enable Wildcards and replace ^13 (paragraph break) with ^l (line break).

But this is a little different in LibreOffice Writer. But you do not require any macro for this. Just follow this process.

– First of all, type a line break by pressing “Shift” + “Enter” – Now copy this line break – Now open “Find and Replace” (You can use the shortcut “ctrl” + “H” to open “Find and Replace” dialogue box) – Click on checkbox for Regular Expressions – Type “$” in the find box to search for paragraph break – Click on “Find All”. This will cause all the paragraph breaks in the document to get selected – Close the “Find and Replace” box without removing the selection – Press “ctrl” + “V” and it will paste line break in place of all the paragraph breaks

That’s it.

Abhineet Mittal
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