Where to add custom code in WordPress

Where to add custom code in WordPress

Writing custom code for WordPress may be easy, but you should carefully add your code at the correct place to keep it clean and easily maintainable.
How to create a WordPress plugin

How to create a WordPress plugin

Easily create a simple WordPress plugin without any complex setup or need of FTP/SSH to your hosting server.

How to use PHP built-in web server

You can use the PHP built-in webserver to test your PHP code, without the need to set up complex WAMP or LAMP software on your desktop.

Enable Gzip compression in WordPress with htaccess

Gzip compression speeds up your Wordpress website by compressing the resources at the server level using simple .htaccess configuration in Apache server.

Correct file permissions for WordPress on Apache

Let us set up correct file permissions (chmod) for your Wordpress website to ensure the flawless functioning of your website and security from attacks.

Customize your link preview on Facebook

Facebook & Twitter support Open Graph Protocol to transforms your blog post into a rich social object, allowing you to decide the appearance of your...

Add Structured Data (JSON-LD) to improve SEO

Add structured data JSON-LD to your blog or website for better search engine optimization (SEO). It helps Google to understand your content better and h...

Social Sharing Buttons without Javascript

Add social sharing buttons to your website without any Javascript with these simple code snippets.

Add url rewriting router to PHP built-in server

PHP built-in server provides an excellent option to rewrite URLs through router.php. It is very convenient when testing a small PHP application on your ...

Enable browser caching in WordPress using htaccess

Browser caching for all types of files can be easily done using Apache's .htaccess file. This simple configuration results in a faster website, les...