Resolved: Graphics Processor Not Detected in Photoshop

I installed a new version of Photoshop and, suddenly, it was chaos all around. Photoshop started getting crashed even if there was a small graphic-intensive operation and closed automatically without even giving me a chance to save my work.

On restarting the application, it was throwing an error message that it disabled enhancements which use the graphics hardware due to some issue with the graphic driver. In Preference>Performance settings, I could see that the Graphics card was not detected and it was turned off, but the software would keep crashing again and again.

I checked the Windows device manager to update the driver software, and it showed that I already had the latest driver installed.

On some user forums, I found that it was a known issue in the latest update of Photoshop, and installing a previous release would solve the issue. I uninstalled the current version and installed an earlier release. But it was futile, the problem persisted.

Then I thought of checking with the graphics card support. I have a decent 2 GB AMD Radeon card which is good enough for moderate Photoshop usage. AMD has a very simple driver update system where their tool will automatically identify the graphics card installed on your system and will update it.

Once the update was done, it asked for a restart. And, problem solved.

Photoshop was now able to detect my graphics card and there were no more crashes.

If you are facing a similar issue, try updating the graphics card drivers from the manufacturer’s website and it should solve the problem.

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